Something about the progress

(according to Rahel Jaeggi)
My undersanding of her presentation in German (Zurich, 27.11.2019)
There is enough scepticism about the progress.

Moreover, about opportunities for participation.
We are inside of the social contexts.
Which kind of progress criteria are relevant here?
We find just moments of the progress.
Moments as components of the ethical evaluation.
This evaluation is about the change in context (of common good).
Effects of this change are forms and processes (but the goal is unknown).
Moral progress appears not isolated.
Sensibilization is matter.
Especially moral relevant practice and interpretations are important.
Ensembles of practices lead to changing of environment.
The mutual adaptation?
And who is an agent of moral progress?
What exactly should we evaluate: The new social practice or their understanding?
Which kind of activities (or channelling)?
Moral progress is change-in-change, narrative logics of legitimation
How can we recognize it?
Progress by problem solutions starts with transformation.
Normative reference (frame) is always contextual.
Improving of human life as our goal.
But which dynamics and solutions can we find?
"Hermeneutic gap" and multiplicity of prospectives.
Linkage (Verflechtung) could be understood as dimension of change.
Freedom could be understood as a modus in context of common self-definition.