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What does Teresa de Lauretis think about sexuality?

Teresa de Lauretis. Freud`s Pride.
Histories of Subjectivation: my understanding

From my notebook:
- Look at the link "feminist & critical & queer theories";
- Reframe Sigmund Freud and think in terms of "practice of love";
- Learn from Jean Laplanche: sexuality as endogenic (in a human body) and exogenic (dependent on care);
- Early years of maternal care: no escape of repression =>  from German "Nachträglichkeit" of trauma;
- There is unforgotten "repressed memory" in everyone;
- Also, there are some "enigmatic messages" (untranslated but with symptomatic reactivation in the adult sexuality);
- Moral & Erotic: Self-translation, RE-translation and DE-translation;
- Gender & sexuality: It is about the choice of a sexual object(s);
- Instinct sexuality is like pre-program (organism, hormones...);
- The sexual drive as a disequilibrium: from German "(Pre-/Vor-)Lust" of relaxation, satisfaction, affection, reciprocity (gratification???);
- At the same time, this drive is a source of unconscious fantasies;
- The problem of rebalancing: How we can bridge from trauma to macro trauma (?) or even to "geopolitical trauma"?;
- The materiality of the body & "ego-preservative drive" as a problem?;
- The situation with "relationships": The OTHER should understand the enigmatic messages from the body too...;
- Participation in gender construction (1. early childhood: identification through stimulation, 2. adulthood: identity through choice?);
- Gender & Ego & participation of Ego?

...more question than answers... in progress...
International Workshop "The Making of Sexuality. Entangled Histories of Regulation, Intelligibility, and Subjectivation", University of Zurich, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies - Gender Studies, 2017

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